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We are craftsmen of the Earth; our products are hand-made, natural, and 100% genuine. They have been cultivated thoughtfully, in an environment full of minerals and fresh air, with no chemicals, and no electromagnetic, sound, or light pollution. These products are to our tastes – they are each entirely different from the other, respectful of nature and its cycles. We don’t compromise, or aim to please our market; instead, we are passionate dreamers, concerned only with quality over quantity. True luxury, true wellbeing, stems from simplicity; it is the ability to stop and be silent, to listen, and to live in harmony with nature.

We cultivate our produce following the Biological Synergy methods, and use the Biodynamic Calendar.

All products are certified to be vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, and our raw materials are all biologically certified by CCPB, operator number CW81. Download our bio certificate by clicking here!

If you live in EU you can order on line, here! Shipping costs based on weight.



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