At Sant’Egle, we like to recycle everyday objects and artistic pieces – all those things that consumers would regularly throw away.

Only those who are passionate about land reclamation, bins, landfill sites, and scrap metal can understand the satisfaction that comes with seeing beyond this; the satisfaction in realizing that something which is lost, thrown away, broken, old, rusty, or unused, can be transformed into something more.

We at Sant’Egle collect everything and divide it by material type.

Then, when we can find the time, we sit ourselves down in front of our ‘junkyard’.

Our ‘visions’ show us how to reassemble this ‘rubbish’, which many people would discard.

Every time we build something, we publish it on this page.

That way, we hope to stimulate your creative minds; instead of buying a new object, why not recycle an old one?

We are waiting for you with your works and ideas, we have mental and space to host them!

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