Choose to relax in the warm water of the Finnish tub or swim in the salt water of the Bio pool.


The bathing area is extremely limited in space, meaning swimming activities are not possible.

Maximum pool depth is 1.60 metres. The water is purified using an electrolyte filter, which transforms the salt within the Trapani WWF Oasis into natural chlorine, preventing the formation of algae and therefore disinfecting the water.

It is for this reason that your skin will remain unaffected by chlorine, or by any anti-algae chemicals.

In order not to ruin the natural purification cycle of the pool, guests are invited not to use sunscreens with parabens, substances of petroleum or chemical origin but only natural sunscreens.

It is possible to buy our natural and organic sunscreens online and in our Bio Shop.

The Bio-Pool is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and is only available to guests of the Sant’Egle Organic Agriturismo.

Parents must accompany any underage children around the pool area.

Pool towels are available for hire from the hotel for €2 each. 




Imagine diving into a pool of hot water heated by our solar pannel

Imagine being in the middle of nature, under cherry trees that are home to 1000-colored birds

Imagine that you can use it whenever you want because it is included in your stay.

Now you can stop dreaming, all is in Sant'Egle :-)

The hot water tub is usable from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., respecting the rules written outside the tub.



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