To feed your soul, you need to detach yourself from material goods.

Live real experiences, in real life. Silence, Floating, Meditation, Yoga and Gong Bath.



Pull the plug with a digital detox.

Keeping up-to-date with everything that happens online can pull us away from our real lives.

It can therefore impact our mental health.



A digital detox holiday has a number of benefits.

Get closer to nature, and you’ll heal much more deeply.

Nature reduces anger, fear, stress and anxiety.

Re-establishing a human connection, and reinforcing your ties with others and with nature, will allow you to interact with the world around you, instead of with a perfect, virtual world.

Sleep deeply.

Looking at a screen before you fall asleep causes your brain to think that it should stay awake, preventing the release of melatonin.

Instead, try looking up at the stars from the gardens of Sant’Egle before you sleep – you’ll have a wonderful, well-rested night.

Live in the moment.

Being connected to your phone takes time; a break from this will make you realize just how much time you were spending in front of a screen.

Turn it off, and pay attention to everything which is happening around you.

You’ll begin to see things clearer, to appreciate smells, sounds and sensations which you were previously ignoring.

Dedicate time to your personal growth.

Concentrate on you; seek new experiences, read two books in one week, create a new recipe, experiment with meditation, or go to a counseling session.

Here, you’ll only find Wi-Fi and telephone lines in the common areas of the hotel. You’ll sleep much more deeply with no electromagnetic fields in your room.

Switch off your phone, go for a walk, watch the butterflies, the birds. Listen to the sounds of nature.




The Floating experience is a sensory deprivation therapy which, thanks to an instinctive deep relaxation, gives pure psycho-physical well-being.

Let yourself be enveloped by a warm and soft fluid like silk that will make you experience zero gravity.

The experience lasts 1 hour and costs € 89

Do you want to know all the benefits? Soon we will give you many tips.



You can relax your body and mind, finding inner balance, as you take part in our individual yoga lessons.

Lessons are taught by 3 different instructors, who have been practicing Indian Ashram yoga with their yogis. Every summer, they bring this wisdom to our yoga centre.

The 1 hour private lesson costs € 80 for one person, € 120 per couple, € 30 / person in groups of at least € 10



A healing ritual used for years by the Shamans, which aims to provoke a deep meditative state, passing through the limits of the rational mind.

These ancestral sounds can vibrate intensely through your emotions, healing old wounds and accessing forgotten memories. This gives you a greater understanding that you are part of a whole, melting away blocked-off energies and replacing them with a profound sense of wellbeing.

Gong baths are conducted in a time-free dimension, cleaning any emotional attachments which could be heavy or limiting to our growth. It is our body which remembers who we are, not our rational mind.

The natural harmonies emitted by the gong provoke a harmony between the left and right sides of the brain.

The frequencies produce Alpha waves (from 7 to 14 hertz), which induce a state of receptive relaxation, and Theta waves (from 4 to 8 hertz), which are associated with deep meditation.

8 hertz stimulate the pineal gland (divine and universal understanding), as well as the production of melatonin, serotonin (which encourages good function of the immune system), and somatropin (the life hormone). It also causes the 72,000 Nadis in your system to resonate – these are the energetic channels which encourage energy to flow freely through the body.

The session costs € 120 per person, € 200 per couple. 60 € / person, in groups of at least 6 people.



Meditation is not avoiding reality, but meeting with it.

A quiet mind is not a naïve one. A quiet mind is alert, attentive, and listening to reality.

Go on the platform of the pond or under the large oak tree, Relax yourself deeply, you will reach this state of calm that will allow you to solve problems with joy and lucidity, bringing home a tool to use whenever you feel you have a physical closure, with the head full of noise.

Observe your own thoughts as they swirl around your brain. Be your conscience, as it waits to be heard.

You will reach this state of calm, which will allow you to confront your problems with lucidity; this is a tool you can take home, and use every time your mind becomes too loud.




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