Recycling, reusing, recommending, reducing and giving new life to objects is a way of life in Sant'Egle


We at Sant'Egle like to recycle everything that consumerism would throw away into everyday objects and artistic pieces.

Only those who are passionate about environmental reclamation, dumpsters, landfills and rusty pieces, can understand the satisfaction that one feels in seeing beyond, understanding that an object found, thrown away, broken, old, rusty, no longer used for years, can turn into something else.

We at Sant'Egle collect everything and divide it by type of material.

Then, calmly, when we have time, we sit in front of our 'landfill'.

Our 'visions' show us how to assemble all this 'junk' that many would throw away.

Whenever we build something, we will post it on this page.

With this gesture we hope to stimulate your creative minds that instead of buying a new item, they will recycle an old one. We are waiting for you with your works and ideas, we have mental and material space to host them!



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