Are you an eco-tourist? Do you love to travel ‘green’? Do you believe in a circular economy?

Sant’Egle isn’t for everyone; it’s a place for anyone who believes that they can make a difference, even when travelling.

Respect, consistency, and a desire for change: these are the keywords at Sant’Egle.

A lifelong project, which makes up our hotel.

Since 2010, we have opened our doors to anyone looking for paradise, surrounded by peace, and the silence of nature; somewhere to appreciate the beauty of Maremma Toscana.

We are surrounded by truffle ground, saffron, olive trees, an ancient orchard, and age-old oak trees, all framed by clear blue skies and the deep colors of the countryside.

This is the ideal place to immerse yourself in nature, staying in a structure which is completely respectful of the environment which surrounds it.

It is a little corner of peace, where you can find balance and harmony, both with yourself and with the planet, where nature and comfort go hand-in-hand.

The surrounding area allows you to dedicate yourself to cultural and sporting activities, out in the open air; it allows you to fully invest in your wellbeing.

You won’t find any main roads here, but country pathways with wide curves, where you can take some time to enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh air. You’ll find no shopping centres – just small, artisan stores. There is no historic city center, but tiny villages, rich in Etruscan legend. You won’t find any fast food but will find slow food restaurants, instead. There are no bars or DJs, but organic wines to be sipped at lazily, under the silent glow of the sunset. There are no brightly-lit streets, but the haze of the night sky and the Milky Way. You will not find any glamour or high fashion – you’ll only find nature, greenery, fresh air, and the rustling of the nocturnal animals. There is no artificial perfection, there are no vibrant green Shires, but the wonderful disarray of nature itself, the distant sounds of shepherds tending to their herds.

If you’re ready to open yourself up to all this, then you’re ready for a holiday at Sant’Egle.



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